Din Hadass


Din has over fifteen years of R&D, Marketing and senior management experience. He is also COO at Molecular Dynamics, an innovative startup in the molecular imaging field, and before that he held marketing and various R&D management positions at Lumenis (medical lasers), Philips Healthcare (medical imaging) and CyOptics (optical communication).

Din holds an MBA from the Haifa University, M.Sc. and B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology).




Arik Avni


Arik was the founder and CEO of Andante Medical Devices that design and market gait re-education technologies. He has a strong multidisciplinary background that includes more than eighteen years of experience in project management and development of rehabilitation technologies, managing clinical trials, clinical evaluations in US national accounts and sales & marketing  in the US and worldwide.

Arik holds an MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy, both from Ben-Gurion University

Ilan Yanushavski


Senior level executive with more than eighteen years of extensive finance, administration and public accounting experience in diverse industries including high tech, venture capital funds, investments houses, startups , real estate and banks. Proven ability to improve operations, impact business growth and maximize profit through achievements in finance and business management, implementation of internal controls and constant productivity/efficiency improvement. Strong qualifications in general management, business planning, employees management and development.

Ilan holds a CPA diploma and M.A. in Finance and completely bilingual in English and Hebrew.