RG pediatric girl

Advanced upper limb therapy system – ReoGo™

With a fully motorized and ergonomic robotic arm, along with advanced software which combines personalized, patient-specific exercises and engaging games designed by leading therapists, Motorika’s innovative ReoGo™ is a highly effective robotic system for upper limb therapy.

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Patient with therapist

Innovative motor learning platform ReoAmbulator™

Innovative and ergonomically designed, the ReoAmbulator™ gait training platform is an extra-wide Body Weight-Support Treadmill (BWST) combined with cutting-edge robotics.

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Making Strides in Robotic Gait Therapy


The Optimal-G™ is Motorika’ s new advanced robotic gait therapy system designed to improve a patient’s gait, balance, coordination and posture through intensive, repetitive re-training of normal movement of the entire lower extremity

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